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Custom Engraving


Create your own Personalized Coin-like 999 Fine Silver Bullion Round.

  • Engraved with Your Personalized Message
  • Suitable for Every Occasion
  • Choice of 1 Ounce or ½ Ounce 999 Fine Silver
  • Elegant Presentation Case
  • Choice of Certificate of Authenticity Designs

*Please note that a maximum of 2 pictures may be used on any 1 item, to avoid over-crowding.

Our Fine Silver Coin-like Bullion Rounds are perfect for celebrating:

  •      Weddings
  •      Engagements
  •      Birthdays
  •      Christening
  •      Anniversary
  •      Graduation
  •      Promotion
  •      Birth of baby
  •      Presentations
  •      Sporting Achievements
  •      Employee Reward & Recognition

1 Ounce or Half Ounce Pure Silver

Once you have designed your own personalized message, choose either a 1 Troy Ounce or Half Troy Ounce bullion round  and we will diamond inscribe your message on a pure silver coin-like bullion round (37mm diameter).

Diamond-Scribe Engraving

By using the diamond-scribe engraving method, your message is impressed into the metal, resulting in no loss of silver and ensuring your bullion retains its authenticity. Diamond-scribing creates quality engraving that far surpasses other methods, leaving you with your personalized, heart-felt message forever immortalized in fine silver.

Elegant Presentation Case

Each custom engraved bullion has its own gift-packaging included! Your personalized bullion comes nestled in its own beautiful wood-look box, which makes for an effortlessly classy gift. Also available in a clear display stand that allows your presentation to be seen from both sides.  

Certificate of Authenticity Designs

Each custom engraved bullion is accompanied by its own Certificate of Authenticity. Simply choose the design you would like, and we will enclose it with your engraved bullion. Your Certificate of Authenticity contains vital details such as the authenticity, silver content (either 1 Troy Ounce or Half Troy Ounce), Purity of Silver (99.9%), minimum gross weight (either 31.103 grams or 15.55 grams) and details of the bullion manufacturer (SBA Precious Metals Pty Ltd).

* Please note that the preview is only an indication of how you wish to layout your design, the final result may differ slightly.


Have a look at our video that shows how we make our Silver Bullion Bars, Rounds, Fractionals as well as some of the other products we produce at SBA Amalgamated.


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